Why Jimmy Fallon Apologized To Michelle Bachmann -- And Why It Doesn't Matter

This evening, Jimmy Fallon tweeted (see below) that he’s sorry the Roots played Fishbone’s “Lyin’ As* B*tch” when Michelle Bachmann took the stage last night.

We understand why Fallon (likely after hours of consideration) took the option.

It’s not just about the fact that, however loosely the term may be used in TV context, Bachmann was a guest on his show.

Fallon’s fledgling show has been built on a brand of positivity — he’s successfully entertained guests of varying politics and reputation without ever offending anyone.

Until last night, when that brand got diluted.

Still, there’s a wrinkle here — the matter isn’t totally closed.

Fallon’s apology doesn’t quite settle the matter the way, say, David Letterman speaking for his band would.

Sure, Paul Shaffer is a celebrity in his own right — but the thing is, The Roots didn’t start out as a late night orchestra.

They’re a multiplatinum, groundbreaking band with scores of fans — in fact, when Fallon’s show first launched, the idea of them becoming a group with a day job (or, rather, a late-night job) was baffling.

The gig worked out because Fallon’s show is innovative and has a loose fan intimacy. The Roots’ cred came out unscathed, and Fallon has always treated them as part of the cast, not backup singers.

And while host Fallon may have over 4 million Twitter followers, the band’s de facto leader Questlove is no slouch with 1.7 million.

He hasn’t made any conciliatory statements. Fallon’s word will likely be the last one — but it still means only one of the show’s stars apologized.

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