Jimmy Fallon: Here's what a Trump news network would look like

President Donald Trump has declared some of America’s most respected news outlets to be “fake news.” So on Tuesday’s episode of NBC’s “Tonight Show,” Jimmy Fallon envisioned what Trump would cover if he had his own personal news network.

“It’s time for me to take matters into my own abnormally gigantic hands,” said Fallon, covered in orange makeup and sporting a Trump wig. “The only way to ensure that the news you’re watching is not fake is if I’m the one delivering it, which is why I’m starting the Trump News Network.”

What passes muster as real news for Trump? In addition to covering a study that declared golf “totally counts as work,” Fallon’s Trump says he was absolutely right about there being recent attacks by refugees in Sweden last Friday, a statement that Swedish officials have refuted.

“Sweden is still reeling from Friday’s incident that absolutely did happen,” Fallon’s Trump said. “Details are still unclear, but we’re getting word it was definitely and 100% not made up.”

He also patted himself on the back for finding a candidate to replace his former national security adviser, who resigned amid allegations of collusion with Russian officials. After his first pick for a replacement passed on the offer, Trump named H.R. McMaster to the post over the weekend.

“Normally when I’m talking to H.R., it’s because one of my female employees is threatening to sue,” he said. “But now, H.R. is going to stand for ‘huge ratings.'”

There was also a rather awkward weather report from secretary of education Betsy DeVos (played by “Tonight Show” writer Jo Firestone). 

Finally, Fallon capped off the Trump news report by predicting the next big news story using the “100% accurate bad things button.” This time around, it chose a Godzilla attack in Finland.

“Can you believe it? And Godzilla of all people,” Fallon’s Trump said. “We really need to capture Godzilla and send him back to China.”

Watch the sketch below:

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