Jimmy Fallon's Donald Trump calls Obama to gloat about his latest wins

Fallon Trump Obama Indiana finalYouTube/NBC‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.’

With Donald Trump now being the presumptive GOP nominee, Jimmy Fallon threw on the blond wig and bronzer to imitate Trump on his “Tonight Show” Wednesday night. 

Calling President Obama (played by Dion Flynn), Fallon as Trump bragged about his latest primary win in Indiana, and saying that the next step is becoming “Captain America.”

Fallon and Flynn also had fun with the Democratic hopefuls. Bernie Sanders’ Indiana win means he’s still hanging on in the campaign opposite frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

Flynn as Obama said Sanders “is like glitter.”

“You think he’s gone, and then four days later you’re like, ‘What the hell are you still doing there?'”

And the two couldn’t help throwing in some Jon Snow and “Lemonade” jokes, too. 

Watch the sketch here:

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