Jimmy Fallon: NBC's Treatment Of Leno 'An Insult'

From tonight’s Piers Morgan.

Jimmy Fallon talks about the “late night wars” between NBC, Jay Leno, and Conan O’Brien that rocked the television world last year.

Fallon says NBC’s decision back in 2005 to give Leno’s hit show an end date was an “insult.” 

“I think that’s bizarre in the first place…That right there for me, I’d be like, that’s an insult.”

But what about Conan?  Fallon moved into Conan’s old spot when he (briefly) took over the Tonight Show and says he doesn’t blame Leno for what followed:

“I don’t blame Jay but I feel bad for Conan because he wanted his shot at ‘The Tonight Show,’ and I don’t know if he got a fair shake,”

Clip of tonight’s interview below.

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