WATCH: Brian Williams Brings Some Rare Political Ire Out Of Jimmy Fallon


As Brian Williams, seated in Jimmy Fallon‘s guest chair last night, put it: “We’re seeing a little political ‘tude come out tonight.”

Fallon had just brought up Libya — and slammed Obama’s handling of the crisis.

The host raises the issue around the four-minute mark in Part 1 of the interview, and the conversation continues into Part 2.

While Fallon remarked that his own staff looks like savvier advisers than the people in the president’s ear, he is impressed by one cabinet official: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whom he sees as “weirdly stepping up, almost like she’s being very presidential.”

Maybe the next stop on Clinton’s whirlwind itinerary will be a grateful drop-by on Fallon. Cross your fingers that he makes her play beer pong.

Video below.

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