Jimmy Fallon unveiled his own Bernie Sanders impression and it's spot-on

Jimmy Fallon is jumping on the Bernie Sanders bandwagon.

After the Vermont senator’s win in the New Hampshire Democratic primary, Fallon unveiled his own Sanders impersonation on Wednesday night.

“I’m speaking tonight to claim victory in the New Hampshire primary over she who must not be named,” Fallon’s Sanders says, referring to Hillary Clinton with the phrase used for the Harry Potter villain Voldemort.

Fallon, who we’re used to seeing inhabiting Donald Trump this election season, will definitely have his Sanders impression compared to that of Larry David —  who unleashed it again last weekend on “Saturday Night Live.” Fallon definitely takes it over-the-top compared to David, who also has the help of looking like the politician. But both capture Sanders’ populist leanings.

“We won and I feel like a million bucks,” Fallon’s version of Sanders says. “A million bucks, which of course means that I will now evenly distribute myself among the middle class.”

He then ends with a timely reference to lyrics from Beyoncé’s new song, “Formation”: “Right now, I want to celebrate with my wife. And let’s just say that afterward, she will be taking my a– to Red Lobster.”

Watch Fallon’s Sanders sketch below:

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