Jimmy Fallon says he used to cry in Carl's Jr. because he couldn't get any acting work

Jimmy Fallon was able to face some Los Angeles demons recently.

Back for a second year in the City of Angels to shoot a week of “Tonight Show” episodes, Fallon revealed how he reclaimed a tough memory when the show shot there last year.

“I remember there was a Carl’s Jr. right near CBS [studios on Radford Avenue],” Fallon said in a new interview with the Los Angeles Times. “I used to go on auditions and get nothing. It was really discouraging. I remember going into that Carl’s Jr. and crying. Not sobbing, but almost losing it.”

Fallon lived in L.A. for two years, from 1996 to when he moved to New York in 1998 to join “Saturday Night Live.”

Two decades later, Fallon doesn’t have to worry about unemployment. In the two years since becoming “Tonight Show” host, he has earned its highest-rated two seasons in six years. And aside from the week in which Stephen Colbert debuted at CBS’s “Late Show,” Fallon has consistently held on to the No. 1 spot in late night.

With all that in his corner, Fallon returned to Carl’s Jr. ready to get his pride back.

“When I came here last year, I rented a convertible Bentley, which I didn’t know you could do,” he said. “But I took it to that Carl’s Jr. and was like, ‘Who’s crying now?’ I went in and got a burger — it’s still a delicious burger.”

And well-deserved.

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