In This Epic Moment, Jimmy Fallon Realises Nicole Kidman Wanted To Date Him -- And He Blew It

It’s a good reminder that everyone is human…even celebrities, and nothing gave us more proof of that than watching Jimmy Fallon find out he blew his chance to date Nicole Kidman years ago.

Kidman admitted it when she was a guest on Fallon’s late night show this week.

The duo remembers the night differently, and of course, Fallon comes off looking totally oblivious. 

Here’s the basic “he said/she said” according to Fallon and Kidman:

Fallon remembers his friend Rick called him a few years ago. Rick was with Nicole Kidman, who wanted to meet Fallon, “maybe for a part in Bewitched, or something.”

“You’re going to bring Nicole Kidman to my apartment?” he remembers asking. His friend told him to get cheese and crackers. Fallon didn’t know what to do, so he bought brie at a deli.

It was then that Kidman interjected with her side of things.

“I liked you,” Kidman admitted. “Not now — I’m married now.” Kidman is married to country singer and American Idol judge, Keith Urban. Fallon married Nancy Juvonen in 2007.

“Wait…what?” Fallon can’t believe it.

Kidman said she remembered it differently.

The mutual friend — Rick — was trying to set them up!

“You’re there in a baseball cap,” Kidman says, “and you wouldn’t talk, and I’m like ‘ok so’ and then you put a video game on or something!”

“It was bad,” she adds. “After about an hour and a half I thought, he has no interest, this is so embarrassing.”

Fallon’s reaction is amazing.

“I can’t believe I dated Nicole Kidman!” he cries.

“You didn’t!” Kidman laughs back.

Watch the entire video below. 


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