Jimmy Butler gave out his phone number at a press conference and told his critics to call

At a press conference on Thursday introducing him as the newest star player to join the Minnesota Timberwolves, Jimmy Butler gave out his personal phone number and encouraged critics to call him directly if they had anything to say to him.

“Everybody’s entitled to their opinion. My phone’s in my back pocket right now, whoever has anything to say to me feel free,” and then listed his phone number off for the assembled press, who would quickly share the information with Twitter at large.

He concluded by saying, “So if you want an interview, there you have it. Please do”

You can watch video of the moment below.

As soon as I saw the video, I called the number (as I very much want to interview Jimmy Butler), and was immediately met with the pre-recorded voice of Jimmy Butler on the other end of the line, asking me to leave a message.

I had not been able to get a transcript of his precise wording, and on subsequent calls I was directed to a robot voice from Verizon Wireless, who was “unable to complete my call.”

After a few more attempts at calling, I was able to get through to Butler’s voicemail again. Although I was again not able to get an exact transcript (I am buying an app to record calls immediately), this second voicemail message I got through to ended with an explicit request from Butler that critics “please leave me a message” or something close to that. I am fairly certain that this line was not included the first time I got through to the number.

I have not been able to get through to the number since, and am guessing it has now been disconnected permanently, but if someone gets through to Butler, please tell him I am still trying to get in touch with him for an interview.

Jimmy Butler: “Everybody’s entitled to their opinion. My phone’s in my back pocket, whoever has anything to say to me feel free 773 899 6071 pic.twitter.com/qWXDHNr4OL
— Rachel Nichols (@Rachel__Nichols) June 29, 2017

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