Segway Tycoon May Have Fallen Off A Cliff While Trying To Let A Dog Walker Pass

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Jimi Heselden, the segway millionaire who fell 42 feet while walking his dog on his segway, may have died while being courteous to a fellow dog walker, The Telegraph reports.

Heselden had been on a footpath at the top of a steep incline in West Yorkshire, UK. He then moved backwards, apparently to let Sean Christie pass, Christie told the inquest into Heselden’s death.

Coroner David Hinchliff told Heselden’s family, ”I think it’s probable – I think typical of Jimi and the type of man he was – he held back and waited as an act of courtesy to allow Mr Christie more room.”

Heselden disappeared from view, and Christie later found the millionaire in dead in a river at the bottom of the cliff.

The former miner was worth £166 million ($267 million) when he died at age 62, reports The Daily Mail. He had bought the Segway company in January 2010, just 8 months before his death.

Heselden avoided the spotlight, The Guardian reports, but was well known for being generous with his staff and charities.

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