A Democratic candidate is considering dropping his run as a Democrat and running as an Independent

Former Sen. Jim Webb (D-Virginia) is considering dropping his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination and running as an independent.

In a brief email sent to campaign supporters on Monday afternoon, Webb announced that he will hold a press conference on Tuesday to announce the possibility of a run as an independent.

Webb, who has not risen beyond single digits in early state and national polls and has not built a large campaign infrastructure, has found himself increasingly out of step with the Democratic Party.

The former senator was forced to defend some of his more right-leaning positions on issues like gun control and affirmative action during the first Democratic debate last week in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Webb complained repeatedly during the debate about his lack of speaking time, and suggested later in a tweet that the contest was rigged in favour of Clinton.

“Online poll: Was the CNN #DemDebate rigged in favour of Hillary Clinton?” Webb tweeted last week, referencing a Daily Caller online poll of the issue.

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