A Security Consultant Who Used To Rob Banks For A Living Is Giving Away His Secrets For Free

Screen Shot 2013 11 15 at 6.55.19 PM 1ScreenshotJim Stickley

Jim Stickley is a security consultant who has, at times, lived that action movie moment and actually robbed banks. The only difference with Stickley is that someone at the bank hired him to do so.

Stickley has robbed over 1,000 banks without getting caught. His job is simply to see how secure a bank is.

But his skills in security probing don’t stop with banks. He’s knowledgeable in a wide berth of fields where security is paramount — the credit card industry, ATM fraud, you name it. On top of all this, he’s got sharp computer skills from years of programming experience, even developing software for large corporations by the age of 16.

Now he wants to share his knowledge with you. Stickley on Security is his series of informative videos on how to protect yourself from all kinds of fraud and security exploits.

“I made my money and had my fun with a company called Trace Security,” he said. “We’re doing the videos because people simply need to know this stuff.”

Stickley’s videos are available via licence starting at $US400 per year, but there’s all kinds of free sample content on his site. Here’s one on how to protect yourself from identity theft when applying to a job.

Check out the rest of Stickley on Security right here.

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