JIM ROGERS: Neither Presidential Candidate Will Get Us Out Of This Mess

Jim Rogers

Photo: AP Images

As the elections get closer the rich and famous are getting more vocal about who they’re backing.Enter commodities guru Jim Rogers who thinks neither President Obama, nor Republican hopeful Mitt Romney can do much to help revive the American economy.

In an interview with The Fiscal Times, Rogers who thinks the global economy is headed for “financial Armageddon” and thinks the American debt problem is overwhelming, said people shouldn’t expect the election to change much:

“As far as I’m concerned, the election is irrelevant. One [candidate] happens to be from Boston and one from Chicago, and whoever wins, their friends are going to do well, but other than that America is not going to do well. There’s very little difference in any of these guys. None of them understands the problem. These are the guys that got us into trouble. You expect them to get us out?”

Rogers for his part backed independent Ron Paul who he said would have “pushed us in a better direction”.

Read the entire interview at The Fiscal Times >

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