Jim Rogers: Nuclear Is Going To Come Back Or Oil Is Going To Sky Rocket

Jim Rogers spoke with CNBC this morning on the impact of Japan’s nuclear crisis on oil and gas demand and the state of nuclear energy.

  • 0:22 For a while it’s [Japan] going to increase the demand for natural gas and oil because nuclear energy is under a cloud
  • 0:40 People are going to come up with much safer nuclear power plants and then we’ll start over
  • 0:51 We’ve got to have nuclear energy whether we like it or not
  • 1:18 If we’re not going to have nuclear power than the price of oil is gonna go to…you pick the number. It will go beyond my wildest dreams and I’m bullish.
  • 2:22 I would suspect uranium and/or other nuclear power stocks are going to be great buys again
  • 2:35 Nuclear stocks will be great opportunities but I’m not gonna even think of stepping in and buying them now. I’m just watching.

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From CNBC:

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