JIM ROGERS: Short Treasuries And Buy Commodities, Especially Silver

Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers reiterated his plan to short U.S. Treasuries in an interview with The Economic Times:

I plan to sell short US government bonds sometime in the next few weeks, months. Interest rates all over the world are going to go higher. We have inflation, staggering debt problems and currency problems facing us. So interest rates are going to go higher.

Rogers said the treasury market will collapse when QE2 ends on June 30. Soon enough Rogers says the Fed will return with QE3.

Rogers says he is invested in all agricultural commodities through the Rogers Agricultural Index. Other commodities he likes are natural gas and silver:

I prefer to look at the things that are still depressed. Natural gas is depressed compared to oil, silver is depressed compared to gold. I would rather look at the things within those sectors to see what are the things that are still depressed and see if maybe that is where we should be putting money.

That’s right, silver is just getting started:

Silver has certainly gone up a lot in the last 9-10 months. There is no question about that, but remember, silver is still 10% below where it was 31 years ago. I bet you do not know many things that are 10% below where they were 31 years ago.

Silver has been going up but on a historic basis, it is still very depressed. Oil is up a lot in the last year or two, but remember the known reserves of oil are on a decline. People can moan all they want about. The fact is that the price of oil is up, but where is the oil? If somebody finds a lot of oil, prices are going to go much-much higher.

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