Some NBA fans made a really stupid mistake on Twitter during the NBA draft

In the rush and excitement of Thursday night’s NBA draft, many Twitter users mixed up a professional basketball player with a U.S. Congressman. 

Jahlil Okafor was drafted to the Philadelphia 76ers. In their rush to congratulate him, people turned to Twitter. 

Okafor’s Twitter handle is @JahlilOkafor — but it seems many just started typing the first three letters of his name, then clicked the first user whose name came up.

And as it turned out, that user was Connecticut Congressman Jim Himes, or @jahimes. (Disclosure: the author of this post worked as an intern for Himes from 2012 to 2014.)

Here’s what people were saying to the congressman:


Himes was clearly amused by the mix-up. Here’s how he responded to the tweets:


The takeaway: don’t skimp when it comes to spelling people’s Twitter handles.

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