NFL Coach With $US25 Million Contract Wears $US8 Walmart Khakis During Games

Sarah Harbaugh, the wife of 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh, called in to the radio talk show “Fernando And Greg In The Morning” to distance herself from her husband’s fashion choices.

“I will NOT take the blame for his outfits,” she declared.

Harbaugh has taken some heat for insisting on wearing pleated khakis during games. Pleats are out.

Sarah told Fernando and Greg that Jim buys them for $US8 at Walmart, and that she has tried to sabotage them many times.

“I’ve thrown them away, can I tell you?” she said. “I’ve thrown them away many times. I’ve asked him, ‘Please, pleats are gone.’ He has a flattering body.”

The best exchange from the show:

Host: “You say you’ve thrown out the pants? What does he do, does he fish them out of the trash? Or does he stop by a store on the way to the office or the stadium to pick up more pleated pants?

Sarah Harbaugh: “No it’s not just any store. You have to find them at a Walmart. I threw them out, and then when he went to the combine he found a Walmart and they were $US8. $US8! … And he pulls them up to the middle of his stomach, and I’m like this is not a good look. You’re ageing yourself 50 years. You look like Rain Main. It’s just, sorry.”

Harbaugh is in the middle of a $US25 million contract. He can afford to wear a new pair of tailored khakis every day for the rest of his life, but he opts for the pleats:

Do not pin this on Sarah Harbaugh:

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