Interviewer has a fantastic reaction to Jim Harbaugh saying he is not worth $5 million per year

Jim HarbaughGregory Shamus/Getty ImagesJim Harbaugh’s superstitions are part of his competitiveness.

Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Charlie Duff is a former University of Michigan football cheerleader and recently spent some time with new Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh for Fox.

The interview is a bit tongue-in-cheek and is intended to be both entertaining and informative. The high point comes when Duff tries to catch Harbaugh off-guard by asking if he is worth his $US5 million per year salary, the highest for any public official in the state of Michigan.

Harbaugh says flatly, “no,” leaving Duff speechless. Duff then suggests Harbaugh should give the money back to which he replies, “nah, I like earning a buck just like the next guy” (you can see the full video below).

Duff then asks if Harbaugh is willing to take a pay cut to see if other coaches would follow in his footsteps.

“Uhh, no,” said Harbaugh. “Fair question. But as I said, I am willing to work for it.”

Here is the full video.

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