Radio Host Compares Colin Kaepernick To Moody Teenager, Jim Harbaugh Defends Him And Abruptly Leaves Show

San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh has defended Colin Kaepernick on and off the field this season and continued to do so Tuesday morning.

On Bay Area radio station KNBR, Harbaugh discussed Kaepernick with hosts Brian Murphy and Paul McCaffrey. The conversation started lightly with Harbaugh shrugging off the suggestion that Kaepernick is an inaccurate thrower and saying he believes Kaepernick is the quarterback of the 49ers’ future.

Murphy then brought up Kaepernick’s punctual media sessions and compared Kaepernick to “a teenage kid at the dinner table not wanting to talk about his day at school.” He continued saying that when Harbaugh was a player he gave spirited, lively interviews, and Murphy wondered why Harbaugh can’t push Kaepernick to do the same.

Harbaugh paused for a moment and retorted, “I kinda feel like you’re trying to provoke. And it’s kinda insulting when you call him a teenage kid or compare him to a kid.”

Harbaugh continued, “I think very highly of him, Murph, I think the world of him. True competitor, and I’m gonna disagree with you.”

When Murphy pressed that they get 49ers fans calling in who are insulted by Kaepernick’s quiet, half-hearted postgame interviews, Harbaugh said he does see fans’ point of view and said “He wasn’t chatty.”

Harbaugh then abruptly cut the interview short, saying, “I really don’t wanna have the conversation. I wanna move on with my day.”

Murphy reacted quickly, letting Harbaugh off the leash and wishing him a good day, which Harbaugh reciprocated and left the show.

Listen to the entire show here.

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