Jimmy Dolan's Lonesome Blues (CVC)

They probably don’t need it, but just in case, here’s a warning for Charles and Jim Dolan: Look out! Rich Greenfield’s on your tail!

Rich, who heads up Pali Research’s media group, had been a Cablevision bull, but that changed March 3, when Rich flipped to “sell”. His reasoning: Not only is CVC not going to get bought out, but the cable company was making a wrongheaded expansion into the live entertainment business.

But Rich isn’t content to just turn bearish on companies. He rips them apart, report by report, over a matter of weeks and months. Just ask Time Warner (TWX) or Warner Music Group (WMG).

Now it looks like it’s Cablevision’s turn. Rich’s latest salvo is a Top 10 list of tongue-in-cheek reasons the Dolans might want to buy Newsday, the Long Island newspaper the company is supposedly trying to acquire. They’re OK. But the most devastating one is simply a link to JD & The Straight Shot’s MySpace page.

What’s JD & The Straight Shot? Why, it’s Jim Dolan’s rock band — and, Rich is suggesting, one of the reasons why the Dolan family might want to get deeper into the concert business. We don’t know about that. But we do know that bio text like this makes the page a must read:

For a guy who spends 9 to 5 holding the reins of power at two successful businesses, Jim Dolan knows how to kick out the jams. By night, he is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for JD & The Straight Shot. By day, Dolan is the chairman of Madison Square Garden and the president and CEO of Cablevision Systems Corporation. The odd marriage of artistic sensibility and business acumen, Dolan says, give him a sense of balance in his life.

So how’s the music? We have to admit: Not as bad as the Knicks.

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