Finally, Jim Cramer Admits That He Was Devastated After The Infamous Jon Stewart Takedown

Jim Cramer is unhappy with netflix

Two years ago, Jon Stewart tore into Jim Cramer over Wall Street greed and speculation, and CNBC’s role in glorifying it.

And Cramer is still not really over it, according to a profile of the “Mad Money” host in the New York Times magazine (via Romenesko).

He says it made him look like a “buffoon” (then he looked down at his plate, and shook his head in dejection).

For those who can’t remember it, in the lead up to Cramer’s appearance, Stewart had been railing against Wall Street commentators, specifically CNBC hosts from Cramer to Mario Bartiromo — he went to town on a clip of Cramer saying Bear Stearns was in good shape, just before it imploded.

Still, Cramer says that the Daily Show promised they wouldn’t use any crazy clips of him when he came to the show, and he thought it would be a friendly chat. “They lied,” he says.

Cramer told the Times ,

After the interview, people like that, total strangers, would come up to me and say, ‘Jim, I’m sorry.’ That made me feel horrible, people feeling sorry for me. For six months it was on my mind all the time. I hurt so bad.

He says he doesn’t think about it anymore.

But he must, just a bit, because he replays the moment in his head, and broods on how he could or should have responded.

Maybe I should have taken the gloves off. When Stewart talked about how his 75-year-old mother lost money in the market, I could have said: ‘Hey, your brother Larry Leibowitz is one of the heads of the New York Stock Exchange. Why didn’t he give your mum advice? Maybe I should have said that.

In the end though, Cramer is satisfied that he controlled himself and didn’t lift his chair above his head, and hurtle it at the Daily Show host (seriously, that’s what he felt like doing).

He didn’t control himself this morning though — he just went on a Twitter rant >

As a reminder, here’s some of the interview: