Jim Cramer Is Less Powerful Than Hannah Storm

We’re checking out Mediaite.com this morning, the new media/news/blog/aggregator/opinion/whatever site from former NBC guy Dan Abrams. They’ve got some stuff about — what else — Sarah Palin and Michael Jackson, but the real draw is their devilish “power grid” for media figures, which ranks everyone in using some homebrewed algorithm designed to ensure maximum linkbaitiness.

The big shock so far: Jim Cramer ranks one slot below Hannah Storm in the TV Anchors/Hosts category. And he’s only one slot above Willard Scott!

Some other CNBC names you might recognise on the list

Larry Kudlow #23 among TV pundits (right behind “PC guy” John Hodgman).
Erin Burnett #71 among TV Anchors/Hosts
Maria Bartiromo #148  in same
Melissa Francis #176 in same

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