Hedge fund god Jim Chanos just explained why Republicans should lose the 2016 election

Hedge fund manager Jim Chanos has the best explanation for why a Democrat should win the 2016 presidential election.

In short, he said in an interview with Roben Farzad of NPR’s Full Disclosure: Everything’s great in the US right now.

Chanos is a friend of Vice President Joe Biden who has been floated as a potential candidate. Chanos has no idea if Biden will run or not. But he thinks Biden would be a great candidate because he works with people across the aisle. People on other side like him and admire him. He hits a chord with the middle class.

Chanos says he had dinner with a bunch of Republican friends, and they said to him, “If it was Biden vs. these clowns [running as Republicans], I’d vote for Biden.”

Biden would also be able to run on the Obama record, which Chanos thinks is great. Here’s Chanos on why Biden would have a solid case if he ran:

In 2016, barring any unforeseen things, we’re going to have the stock market near record highs, corporate profit at record highs, gas prices very low. We’re going to have mortgage rates very low, house prices at all-time highs. We’re going to have universal healthcare. We’re going to be at peace. This is not the worst record to run on if you’re tied to the Obama administration. Eight years of peace and prosperity — let’s bring in the other guys?

If it’s Biden, or Clinton, or someone else, this is the case Democrats should be hammering at every turn. What exactly is a Republican going to do to improve on this record?

The full interview is worth listening to. Chanos is a legendary short seller. He discovered and exposed Enron. He’s been warning about disaster in China for a year now.

The interview is mostly about what’s happening in China. The Biden stuff starts at 45:40.

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