Jim Chanos's New China Presentation Will Have You Convinced The Country Is Doomed For A Hard Landing

jim chanos

Jim Chanos gave a devastating presentation on China at Mish Shedlock’s Wine Country Conference.

Chanos has been bearish on China for quite a while.  However, his new presentation is particularly fascinating because it has some pretty graphic cartoons.

“The cartoons/illustrations, gruesome/silly, as they are, are FROM Chinese sources!” said Chanos in an email to Business Insider.  “That’s why we put them in-so that people know that the media inside China is becoming more sceptical itself.”

Chanos has shared this presentation with the WCC and now with us for the benefit of the amazing Les Turner ALS Foundation.  Read more about it here.

The Chinese economic story is riddled with red flags.

The country is putting itself at risk by forcing growth.

The return on investments is starting to fall, which is a bad sign.

The infrastructure projects are getting increasingly outrageous.

And all of that growth is being fuelled by a credit bubble.

And that credit bubble is being inflated by a massive market for dodgy financial products.

The China bulls are betting that hundreds of millions of people will flock to the cities.

And these expectations are inflating a property bubble.

Home affordability in China eclipses affordability in even NYC.

Workers are demanding higher wages, putting immense pressure on the manufacturing sector.

Inequality is a big problem in the country.

Corruption is a very public problem.

And the Chinese people are increasingly unhappy with the situation.

Meanwhile, there's a lot of noise taking attention away from the underlying unstable economic situation.

Money is fleeing the country.

And to top it off, China's own leadership confirms all of the Chanos' suspicions.

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