JIM BOEHEIM: ‘I’m Not Joe Paterno, I’m Not Hiding Something’

joe paterno jim boeheim

In his time as head basketball coach at Syracuse University, Jim Boeheim has never been afraid to say what he feels.

And he’s not changing his ways even after his assistant coach Bernie Fine has been accused of allegedly molesting a former ball boy.

Boeheim told the Post-Standard:

“I’m not Joe Paterno. Somebody didn’t come and tell me Bernie Fine did something and I’m hiding it. I know nothing. If I saw some reason not to support Bernie, I would not support him. If somebody showed me a reason, proved that reason, I would not support him. But until then, I’ll support him until the day I die.”

Boeheim even realises his words are bold, but still stands by his coach:

“People will say, ‘Those words might come back to haunt you,'” Boeheim admitted. “But I have no reason not to believe that Bernie Fine is anything other than a good person who’s done nothing but help others. If somebody can show me that’s not true, I’ll take it under advisement.”