Jilted Valleywag Scribe Disses Boss Denton and New York!

Valleywag New York correspondent Nicholas Carlson blasts the New York entrepreneurial scene, trashing his publication’s founder and CEO Nick Denton in the process. 

Perhaps annoyed by the Silicon Alley 100, which featured CNET’s Caroline McCarthy (Up & Comer), NYT’s Saul Hansell and Andrew Ross Sorkin, and the New York Post business team, the prolific and talented Carlson invokes the now-hackneyed “New York is sad-assed tech backwater” theme (coined by yet another New York digital business star, John Heilemann).

New York, says Carlson, is merely the home of money and power, not entreprepreneurial creativity. Valleywag’s New York founder, owner, and boss Nick Denton (Silicon Alley 100 No. 7) might have something to say about that. Last year, when Valleywag was dying on the vine, the Gawker Media entrepreneur saved the publication by benching its Valley-based team and writing it himself…from New York!

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