Jill Meagher's killer has a horrible 22-year history of raping women

Jill Meagher was Bayley’s final victim. Photo: Getty

Adrian Ernest Bayley, the man who raped and murdered 29-year-old Irishwoman Jill Meagher in 2012, was found guilty of raping three other women today.

A horrifying history of sexual assaults committed by Bayley has emerged in the wake of the latest convictions and will send shockwaves through Victoria’s criminal justice system.

Fairfax Media lists eight separate occasions where the system failed and his crimes continued.

The 43-year-old’s offences date back to 1990 and now include 20 convictions for rape. He was first jailed in 1991 after pleading guilty to the rape or attempted rape of three teenagers, aged 16 and 17, but was released on parole three years into a five-year sentence.

Bayley was out on parole again in 2010 after serving eight years for the rape of five sex workers in 2000. He’d also been released on appeal in February 2012, after being convicted and sentenced to three months for assaulting a man in Geelong.

In April 2012, he raped 25-year-old sex worker in Elwood, then a 27-year-old Dutch national in Balaclava in July before taking Jill Meagher’s life in September. In June 2013, he was sentenced to life, with a 35-year non-parole period, after pleading guilty to Meagher’s murder and rape.

The latest jury trials were kept secret, and Bayley’s name suppressed, until the three guilty verdicts were handed down this morning in Victoria’s Supreme Court. The third conviction dates back to an attack in 2000.

Bayley was only charged over the other three crimes following his arrest in the Meagher case.

Fairfax Media has the grisly, shocking details here, but be warned that it is harrowing reading.

Radio station 3AW has compiled a list of Bayley’s criminal past here.

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