Jill Kelley's New Lawyer Is The Go-To Guy For Clients With Huge Sex Scandals

Rielle HunterJohn Edwards’ mistress Rielle Hunter

Photo: Courtesy of ABC

News emerged Tuesday that Jill Kelley, the “other, other woman” enmeshed in the Petraeus scandal, has hired DC superlawyer Abbe Lowell as well as a crisis PR guru.Lowell is a Beltway power broker and has represented lawmakers, lobbyists, local governments, and even the actors Steven Seagal and Sean Combs.

But he seems to be the go-to lawyer for clients with high-profile sex scandals, including the one behind a criminal case against John Edwards.

Here are other sex-scandal-plagued clients of Lowell’s, according to his official law firm bio:

  • Former senator John Ensign of Nevada, who had an affair with the wife of one of his staffers.
  • Ex-Congressman Gary Condit, whose affair with DC intern Chandra Levy was exposed after her disappearance.
  • Bill Boner, a former mayor of Nashville, Tenn., who appeared on the Phil Donahue show with a night club singer he got engaged to while still married to his third wife.
  • Ex-Nevada governor Jim Gibbons, who was accused of groping a Las Vegas cocktail waitress in 2006. During the case Gibbons revealed he hadn’t had sex since 1995, a local TV station reported in 2010.

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