Socialite Entangled In Petraeus Sex Scandal Says FBI Violated Her Privacy

jill kelley

Jill Kelley — the Tampa, Fla. socialite involved in the sex scandal between David Petraeus and Paula Broadwell last year — has filed a lawsuit against the FBI and Department of defence for violating her privacy during the investigation, NBC

reports.”One year ago, threatening e-mails shook my life and ultimately changed our country’s leadership. It was under the faithful direction of our concerned military leaders that I went to the law enforcement to seek the proper protection for my family, our commanders, and top US officials. But unfortunately, we did not receive the confidentiality and protection,” Kelley said in a statement provided to NBC by the attorney representing her family.

The Petraeus scandal blew up after Kelley approached federal investigators with emails from an unknown person — later revealed as Broadwell — who was apparently jealous of Kelley’s relationship with the former four-star Army general.

Petraus was forced to resign from the CIA over his infidelity.

NBC has more: 

A series of headlines ensued about the 38-year-old mother, specifically about her relationship with U.S. General John Allen, commander of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan. The two exchanged numerous emails, some of which U.S. officials described as “inappropriate,”  but Allen was eventually cleared of any wrong doing and retired in February.

Kelley later became a dedicated privacy rights advocate, according to Politico.

“Our government can and should do better than intrude on the privacy and dignity of citizens like my family and yours, and our public officials should treat our personal lives with the respect that our Constitution, laws like the Privacy Act, and standards of common decency require,” Kelley said in a statement to Politico. “Until our privacy laws and practices truly give us both privacy and protection, I’ll continue to advocate for reform, so others don’t go through the challenges my friends and family endured.”

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