Jill Kelley Has Now Shown Up In A Photo With GOP Star Marco Rubio

marco rubio jill kelley

Photo: @Angelette on Twitter

Jill Kelley, the Tampa socialite who reported anonymous emails from CIA director David Petraeus’ mistress Paula Broadwell, has made her way into some high social circles.Angelette Aviles, a member of the Hispanic Leadership Council of the Florida Republican party, tweeted out this photo of Kelley with freshman Florida Senator Marco Rubio at an undated fundraiser.

The fundraiser was likely from the Senator’s run in 2010, but could also be from a fundraiser since then.

Aviles tweets that Kelley didn’t contribute at the fundraiser, and she didn’t greet people there.

In fact, she wasn’t even invited.

Kelley has shown that she managed to get into events with important people. For instance, she was on the VIP invite list for the 2011 Army Ball held by U.S. Special Operations Command.

Incidentally, Senator Rubio was on that list as well, along with a number of other politicians, including Florida governor Rick Scott.

Typically, the opportunity for a photo or facetime with a candidate is contingent upon actually contributing to a fundraiser. Showing up without a check is a considered a bit of a faux pas, as the events are often put on at considerable expense for the candidate. 

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