Suspected British ISIS fighter dubbed 'Jihadi Jack' is trying to get home and says he misses his mum, pasties, and Doctor Who

ITV NewsThe British man dubbed ‘Jihadi Jack’ recently sat down for an interview with ITV News, saying he wants to return to the UK.
  • Jack Letts, the British man dubbed “Jihadi Jack,” recently sat down for an interview with ITV News from a prison in northern Syrian where he has been held by Kurdish forces since fleeing Raqqa in 2017.
  • The 23-year-old accused ISIS terrorist says he misses his mum, pasties and Doctor Who, and just wants to return to his home country.
  • In previous interviews, Letts has denied ever being an ISIS fighter. He told ITV News that after converting to Islam, he “came to a sort of ridiculous” conclusion that “the right thing to do was to come to Syria.”

The British-Canadian man dubbed “Jihadi Jack” says he misses his mum and just wants to return to his home country.

Jack Letts, the son of an organic farmer from Oxford, travelled to Syria in 2014, after converting to Islam.

He lived under the Islamic State for several years before making an escape in 2017 during the Battle of Raqqa. He was caught by Kurdish forces trying to flee the war-torn city and has been held at a prison in northern Syria ever since then, accused of being an ISIS fighter.

While Letts has denied ever fighting for ISIS in previous interviews, he explained why he decided to move to the caliphate in a new interview with ITV News.

After converting to Islam while living in Jordan, Letts says he “spent two years researching” the religion and “came to a sort of ridiculous” conclusion “that the right thing to do was to come to Syria.”

While in Syria, he settled in Raqqa for a period and married an Iraqi woman who recently gave birth to his son, who he has never met.

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Like other Westerners in prisons and refugee camps after fleeing ISIS, Letts’ future is unknown. He says he wants to return to the UK, but doubts that the government will bring him back. Letts also holds dual citizenship in Canada, but doubts that country will help him since “no one really cares.”

When asked what he misses the most about Britain, he said, “I miss people mostly.”

“I miss my mum. I know that sounds a bit toddler-ish,” he said. “Even if I could just see my mum – I would like just a phone call, I don’t know if Britain can do that for me here, but I’d like just a phone call to my mum – it’s been two years.”

Jack Letts parentsPhoto by Jack Taylor/Getty ImagesJack Letts’ parents, John Letts and Sally Lane, arrive at the Old Bailey after they were charged with making money available for suspected terrorist activities on September 10, 2018 in London, England. The charges are related to money they sent their son, a suspected terrorist, overseas.

He continued: “What else do I miss? I miss pasties. It’s not really English – sort of Scottish isn’t it? I miss pasties. And Doctor Who. Sounds a bit stupid… that’s all.”

When asked by ITV News about Letts’ case, the Home Office released this statement: “In recent days the Home Secretary has clearly stated that his priority is the safety and security of Britain and the people who live here.

“In order to protect this country, he has the power to deprive someone of their British citizenship where it would not render them stateless.

“We do not comment on individual cases, but any decisions to deprive individuals of their citizenship are based on all available evidence and not taken lightly.”

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