Newest Issue Of Jihad Magazine 'Inspire' Celebrates Boston Bombings

inspire al-qaeda magazine

The radical Islamist magazine “Inspire” that apparently educated suspected Boston Marathon bombers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on how to make pressure cooker bombs has published a new issue celebrating the April terrorist attack.

The Al Qaeda magazine also warned that U.S. “security has lapsed” and “attacks against you are taking a course that nobody can control… [So] save yourselves if you care for your own skin,” the New York Post reports.

Dzhokhar reportedly told investigators that he and his brother learned how to build the bombs used in the marathon attack by reading the magazine, which is published in English. A government report says the Boston bombs mimicked the design described in an “Inspire” article titled “Make a bomb in the kitchen of your mum.”

Evan Kohlmann, a terrorism consultant who tracks Al Qaeda and once worked with the FBI, has additional translations from the magazine’s newest issue, which has leaked on the Internet in Arabic.

The magazine also names the New York City subway as another possible target and says “the Boston bombing’s damage on the American nation will be seen throughout the coming months and years. This is the blessing of jihad.”

The attack killed three people and injured about 260 others.

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