HOUSE OF THE DAY: JFK's Sprawling Estate In Virginia Can Be Yours For $US11 Million

Wexford, John and Jackie Kennedy’s Virginia countryside estate, is on the market for just under $US11 million.

The four-bedroom ranch house lies on more than 160 acres of idyllic farmland in Marshall, Va. Of the many homes the Kennedys owned, this was the only one the couple built together, completed in 1963, just weeks before the president was assassinated.

The estate is more than just a historic landmark — it also has plenty of amenities. There’s a tennis court, swimming pool, and lots of space for horseback riding and fox hunting. Beautiful views of the Blue Ridge Mountains make this an ideal countryside escape.

JFK wasn’t the only president to call Wexford home. President Ronald Reagan rented the estate in 1980 and prepared for his debates against Jimmy Carter here. There’s even an underground Secret Service bunker that’s a reminder of the estate’s presidential past (photos via Estately).

Wexford lies on more than 160 acres of rolling Virginia farmland, about an hour outside of Washington, DC.

You can see the house in the distance, just across the pond.

There's also a tennis court and swimming pool.

Surrounded by Virginia countryside, the estate is an idyllic retreat that's perfect for riding and hunting.

Here's the detached three-car garage.

These stables once housed the family's horses, including Caroline Kennedy's ponies Macaroni and Tex.

A stone patio overlooks the property's pond and rolling hills.

Here's a look at the ranch-style house from the outside.

The inside looks pretty much the same as it did when the Kennedys built it.

The parquet floors in the living room are originals.

The kitchen, however, has been updated with modern appliances.

The formal dining room has a built-in fireplace and some classic 1960s decor.

This children's bedroom is likely where JFK Jr. and Caroline would have slept when they visited Wexford.

The bathrooms are ornately decorated with patterned wallpaper and a heavy shower curtain.

Another one of the four bedrooms has simple yellow walls and a view of the countryside.

A wooded driveway connects the secluded estate with the main road.

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