Jetstar 'only' wants about $1200 to change two names on an airline ticket to Bali

How much does it cost to change a name on a return Jetstar flight to Bali? About $600 a head.

A Jetstar passenger who originally booked sale flights for $121 return in October last year – landing an awesome deal – was hit with the news this week.

He hopped onto the Jetstar website to switch the names after two of his mates pulled out of the trip. Luckily, another two said they’d take the spots so he didn’t have to party in Kuta and wear Bintang singlets on his lonesome.

He found if the flights were booked today, to leave at the same time, they would cost about $550 – or less than the cost of changing a name on a ticket.

Reaching out to Jetstar, a support person by the name of Maico on the company’s online chat said changing the ticket for two people “would only be for $1,184.00 AUD”.


That brings the total cost of the two seats to $1,426 – $326 more than buying new fares.

Here’s a photo of the chat screen:

The passenger was shocked and wanted answers.

According to the Jetstar website name changes are permitted – as long as a “Change Fee and Fare Difference” are paid and it’s done before check-in opens.

A Jetstar spokesperson told Business Insider the change fee is applicable per passenger, per flight sector, as well as any applicable fare difference and is imposed as a way to stop ticket “scalping”. She said because the fares were bought during a sale they would now need to pay full price plus the $75 name change fee.

That’s $75, per leg, to change a name on a computer: $300 all up.

“This is a common and long-standing practice across the industry, which ensures there is no incentive for people to buy up sale fares with the intent of selling them on at a higher price closer to the date of travel,” she said.

Virgin and Tiger airlines have similar policies where a name change fee is payable as well as the difference for the new airfare.

Business Insider spoke to Fair Trading NSW about the charges today, a spokesperson said cheaper sale fares tend to have more restrictive conditions compared to higher cost tickets and airlines are required to clearly advertise the terms and conditions.

“Although businesses are able to set their own administration fees and charges, NSW Fair Trading believes it is best practice that they adequately reflect the administrative work or processes undertaken,” a spokesperson said.

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