Jetstar confused these two New Zealand cities in an embarrassing social media stuff-up

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There’s a harbour, high-rise buildings, and the Beehive’s in the corner – it must be a picture of Canterbury, right? Wrong.

Jetstar NZ has faced ridicule after posting a photo on their official Facebook and Instagram pages that mis-labels Wellington as Canterbury.

The post features a photo of a clear day over a sparkling Wellington harbour, seen from the sky.

Photo: SuppliedWhat beautiful city is this? The view of a New Zealand city – identified as Canterbury- on the Jetstar NZ Facebook page.

But there was just one problem.

The accompanying caption read: “There’s just something about flying over NZ that we can’t get over, especially when you’re flying home. This stunning photo from… over Canterbury.”

Photo: Supplied‘Chch is HEAPs more coastal than I remember…’ one person commented on the photo posted on Jetstar NZ’s official Instagram page.

The post went up late on Wednesday evening on the Australian company’s official New Zealand Facebook page that has 136,000 likes.

Kiwi flyers were quick to point out the error with the post.

“No wonder your time keeping is so poor, you have no idea where your planes are,” one commenter quipped.

Photo: Supplied‘This stunning photo over Canterbury,’ Jetstar said in their Facebook Post.

“I think this is how we ended up in Wellington that time we booked Jetstar flights from Napier to Auckland,” another read.

“Canterbury looks a lot hillier from the sky…huh,” a third read.

The post remained on their social media pages on Thursday morning but the caption was corrected shortly after Jetstar was contacted for comment.

“The photo is obviously of stunning Wellington so we’ve corrected it,” Jetstar corporate communications manager NZ Phil Boeyen said.

“We’ll follow up on the ‘capital not Canterbury’ error with our Auckland-based team who posted the image.”

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