A man ran onto the tarmac at Melbourne airport and tried to force his way onto a plane after missing his flight


A man has been charged with assault whilst trying to force his way on to a Jetstar fight at Melbourne airport yesterday.

The 57-year-old, who was told he wouldn’t be able to board his flight because he was late, ran onto the tarmac and fought with flight crew before forcibly trying to open the door of an aircraft which had been closed, ready for departure.

Using his feet and body weight, he even managed to open it some of the way.

Watch the footage of the incident below.

It turns out the the plane the man was trying to access wasn’t even the correct flight. He was travelling to Adelaide, but the locked plane was headed for Sydney.

Airport baggage handlers managed to restrain the man before the Australian Federal Police arrived and escorted him away.

The crew who were injured in the incident received medical attention and were replaced with other staff.

The flight bound for Sydney was then delayed for an hour and a half while damage was assessed.

The man has been banned from flying with Jetstar and Qantas pending further investigations.

The Age has more.

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