Garuda is flying out of Bali but Jetstar and Virgin flights are still cancelled

Denpasar airport. Agung Parameswara/Getty Images

Today’s Jetstar and Virgin flights to and from Bali have been cancelled as eruptions continue at Mt Raung.

Passengers have been told not to go to the airport in Denpasar but to check flights first.

Up to 1,000 Australians are reported to be stranded in Bali with an ash cloud disrupting flights during the busy school holiday period for several days.

However, some Garuda flights were operating and getting through to Australia. Flight GA714 arrived from Bali in Sydney at 9.50 this morning.

The airport in Bali was also showing some flights arriving.

Virgin said the latest advice from its team of meteorologists and the Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre is that conditions are not suitable for flights into and out of Denpasar Airport.

“We have been advised that Mt Raung continues to erupt and winds continue to blow in an unfavourable direction, and are forecast to continue to do so for the rest of the day,” a spokesperson said.

Flights from Australia into Denpasar today were cancelled yesterday.

Jetstar said: “We’re still assessing the latest flying conditions, in the hope we can fly to/from Bali today. We’ll update once we make our decision.”

This map shows how aircraft are avoiding the airspace around the erupting volcano:

The Mt Raung volcano:

For full details of cancelled Jetstar flights you can visit their travel alerts page HERE. For Virgin Australia, go HERE.

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