Is The Tim Tebow Trade Just A Publicity Stunt?

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Photo: AP

Everyone was shocked when the Jets actually pulled the trigger on the Tim Tebow trade this afternoon. Mostly because it doesn’t seem to make any sense whatsoever from a football perspective.So why did the Jets do it?

NYC sports radio legend Mike Francesa says they did it for publicity. He unloaded on the Jets when he got on the air this afternoon — saying the move had nothing to do with football.

He thinks the trade is a marketing stunt with the sole purpose of selling tickets and succeeding in Rex Ryan’s long-time goal of getting more “buzz” than the Giants.

It sounds way conspiratorial, but the NFL is a business. And anyone who thinks having Tebow on your team isn’t a money-maker is crazy. So the all the circumstantial evidence is in place for you to make a pretty compelling argument that this is nothing more than a cash grab.

But then again Tebow did win a playoff game last year. He does things no other QB in the NFL can do (even if those things aren’t all that important and come at the expense of being able to do basic things like throw the ball to a receiver standing four yards in front of you). And he has enough raw talent and work ethic to conceivably develop into a legit starting QB.

The real reason the Jets made the trade is probably somewhere in between these two possible explanations.

But don’t tell that to Francesa (via Jimmy Traina):

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