There’s An $8.25-Million Problem With The Idea That The Jets Could Just Trade Mark Sanchez

Sanchez rattled Tebow Jets trade

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The Jets are going to try and trade Mark Sanchez after this season, Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports.It’s the logical next step after Rex Ryan officially gave the starting QB job to Greg McElroy this week. But there’s one huge obstacle toward a trade  — the guaranteed $8.25 million that Sanchez will make next year.

It’s not as simple as the Jets choosing to trade Sanchez. To pull off any deal, they would have to either:

  1. Find a team that believes enough in Sanchez to pay him $8.25 million
  2. Agree to pay the bulk of his contract

You can pretty much eliminate the possibility of option #1. Sanchez’s numbers this year have been among the worst in the league in almost every statistical category. Even if a team sees potential in him, there’s no reason to make a $8-million bet on a player who appears to be getting worse.

The only way a team takes Sanchez is if the Jets eat most of that money. And at that point, why not just keep him around as a back-up?

There’s no indication that he’s a cancer in the locker room or a distraction on the sidelines, so it’s not like there’s any risk in keeping him.

At the end of the day, it looks like the Jets are going to have to pay that $8.25 million no matter where Sanchez lands, so why not pay him to play for you?