This Tim Tebow-Rex Ryan Marriage Would Be Incredibly Bizarre

The strangest part about Tim Tebow joining the New York Jets is that his new coach is crazy man Rex Ryan.

Tebow and Ryan couldn’t be any more different:

Rex Ryan tells fans to “shut the f–k up.”

Tim Tebow NEVER denies fans’ autograph requests.

Rex Ryan gets terrible tattoos.

Rex Ryan Tattoo

Photo: mhigginsjets/Twitter

Other people get terrible Tim Tebow tattoos.

Tebow Tattoo

┬áRex Ryan likes his wife’s feet.

Jets Rex Ryan Feet

Photo: Boston Metro

Tim Tebow has been rumoured to like A LOT of women. (We don’t know how he feels about their feet.)

rumoured Tim Tebow Women

Rex Ryan gives really awkward press conferences.

Tim Tebow gives very inspirational press conferences.

The two do have one thing in common, though: the excitement they show puts butts in the seats.

Rex Ryan throws headset GIF


Tim Tebow celebrates with passion GIF


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