Tim Tebow And John Elway Disagree Over Whether Or Not Tebow Had Any Say In Trade To Jets

Tim Tebow John Elway

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Right before Tim Tebow was finally traded to the Jets, reports stated that the Denver Broncos had given him a choice regarding where he would be traded.Jacksonville Jaguars or New York Jets?

Despite the Jaguars having the better offer and Tebow’s hometown ties to Jacksonville, he chose New York because that’s where he wanted to be, the story goes.

Well according to Tebow, that’s not exactly the way things went down.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News tweeted this comment Tebow gave during Wednesday’s late-night conference call with reporters after the trade was finalised.

“I didn’t have any (say).The Broncos had all that power”

That sentiment is contrary to what Tebow’s old boss, Broncos executive VP John Elway said Thursday.

“There was more from Jacksonville, but I think that we looked at it and it was close enough, and we were in contact with Tim throughout the day, and talked to him. He knew what was going on the whole time. The reports that he was not involved are not accurate.”

It doesn’t really matter who’s telling the truth.

Elway has to keep crazy Colorado Tebowites happy. While Tebow knows that the way his NFL career is going he may someday end up in a Jaguars uniform.

As Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk points out, “Why spoil an eventual homecoming by alienating the hometown crowd now?”

It wouldn’t be the first time a team exec and star quarterback disagreed this offseason.