Everyone Hates The Tim Tebow Trade

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The New York Jets acquiring Tim Tebow from the Denver Broncos has everyone in a complete tizzy.We assume the Jets knew exactly what they were getting themselves into when they decided to pull the trigger even after the trade hit a snag.

But bringing in the most polarising quarterback in the history of the NFL when you already have a “set” starter ahead of him who fewer and fewer people seem to trust long term doesn’t usually result in compliments.

New York’s tabloids had their fun Thursday, but the Jets doomsday scenario is obvious to everyone.

Johnette Howard of ESPNNewYork.com pretty much eviscerated Jets coach Rex Ryan.

It just proves Ryan couldn’t find the pulse of his own locker room if he had a stethoscope hooked up to loudspeakers. And neither can his bosses. If anything, this deal proves Ryan has gotten more tone deaf about how to run a team.

Mike Lupica of the New York Daily News says all the talk of Tebow just being a “wildcat” QB is nonsense.

But whatever the Jets say they are doing, or think they are doing, they have created their very own quarterback controversy. That’s unless they think that their fans won’t be chanting Tebow’s name the first time Sanchez throws a couple to the wrong team.

The New York Post‘s Steve Serby agrees with Lupica.

Welcome to the Ringless Bros. and Ryan and Tebow Circus.

The Jets lusting after Tebow the way they did, all but tripping over themselves to announce at 1:03 p.m. that they had “agreed in principle” to bring Tebow-mania to New York, only means that Sanchez better be the one praying.

It means the only commandment in the Sanchise’s football Bible now is Thou Shalt Not Stink. Or else.

Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum has repeatedly said Sanchez is his starter, but ESPN’s Rich Cimini doesn’t believe it for one second.

No matter how the Jets spin it, this sends a message to Mark Sanchez.


Mark, meet Tim Tebow. Don’t worry, he’s your backup. No competition. We still love ya, kid.


Greg Bishop of the New York Times adds more fodder to the “this is all a publicity stunt” narrative.

It is almost as if the Jets figured they could fix their circus by adding another polarising performer, by not just doubling the hype that surrounds the franchise but by also growing it exponentially

It’s going to be a ridiculously nutty year for Gang Green.

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