Jets To Start Greg McElroy At QB This Week, Snubbing Tebow

tim tebow jets

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The New York Jets will bench Mark Sanchez, snub Tim Tebow, and start Greg McElroy at quarterback this Sunday.The team annouced it the day after losing 14-10 in an ugly Monday Night Football game against the Titans.

The loss ended their playoff hopes for good.

After Sanchez threw 4 INTs last night, it’s not a surprise that he got benched.

But is it surprising that Tebow — the former worldwide phenomenon who the Jets traded for last spring — has been snubbed.

It draws into question the team’s intentions in trading for Tebow in the first place.

Sanchez’s future is questionable as well. The team owes him $8.5 million next year, which probably ensures he’ll a Jet at least through 2013.