There's A Genius Reason Why The Jets Are Keeping Their Tim Tebow offence Secret

scary tim tebow on the jets

Photo: Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Here’s a Steve Spielberg quote about Jaws that tells you why the Jets are geniuses for keeping their Tim Tebow wildcat/read-option offence under a veil of secrecy, “It’s what we don’t see which is truly frightening.”In other words, not seeing the shark is the truly scary part of Jaws. Because the version of the shark we build up in our imaginations is scarier than the real-live shark could ever be.

Turn to the Jets.

They’ve been practicing something involving Tebow. But the media isn’t allowed to report on those practices. The players aren’t allowed to talk about them. And coaches, like offensive coordinator Tony Sparano, are giving almost comically opaque quotes like this (via PFT):

“All that being said, we know there’s going to be some version of something, I think that’s been said.”

“Some version of something.” Amazing.

The message to the league: be afraid, be very afraid.

Last week, we argued that whatever the Jets are practicing is almost certainly less interesting than you think it is. But in a funny way, that makes their policy of secrecy even more brilliant.

Whatever Tebow-y offensive they throw out there isn’t going to be that scary. But by never letting anyone see it, they’re making other teams spend time planning against and worrying about an abstraction.

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