NFL Team Fines Star QB For "Body Language"

Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez

NFL quarterbacks are supposed to be the leaders of their team.

Being a leader requires a certain type of physical presence – good posture, steady gazes, and level chins.

The Jets don’t feel like their star quarterback, Mark Sanchez, puts off the appropriate kind of image. He pouts and sulks.

An example from Jets offensive coach Brian Schottenheimer told the Star Ledger:

“Today, there was a play in practice when he screwed something up. He kind of looked like it was someone else’s fault.

“That’s a fine.”

Keep your pants on, Mark. $400 Fine.

Keep all your clothes on, actually. $1,000 fine.

No mouth-breathing. $25 fine.

Easy with the pouting. $1,500.

It's not the other guy's fault. $2,000

There's no crying in football, Mark. $300 fine.

The other guys are going to like you just fine, Mark. $375 fine.

Take your sacks like a man, Mark. $750 fine.

Wrong sport, wrong city, silly look. Fine $740.

No hugging zebras. Fine $37

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