Welp, we were wrong. The Jets looked awesome today (they’re up 41-7 halfway through the third quarter).

Mark Sanchez was on point after a lone early blunder, the offence stretched the defence vertically way more than it did in 2011, and Tim Tebow was confined to the role of wildcat QB, where he could do relatively little damage.

But the Bills also gave the Jets a whole lot of help, because they were awful. Ryan Fitzpatrick — who stumbled to the finish last season — threw 3 INTs, and the team in general just looked dead on its feet.

The last Fitzpatrick pick was an absolute gift to Antonio Cromartie, who took it to the house and showboated his way into the endzone for good measure.

We’ll have more about what this all means over the next few days. And we’re confident that the Jets can still completely combust at any moment. But for now: the Jets!

antonio cromartie gif

Photo: CBS

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