Jetpac Digs Into Your Friends' Facebook Photos To Make A Travel Magazine Just For You


Photo: Jetpac

Flipping through this new iPad magazine will want to make you pack your bags.Jetpac is an iPad travel magazine, which launched this Wednesday on Apple’s App Store. But there’s a twist: it uses real photos your friends have posted to Facebook. You can arrange them by person or location, or see all of your friends’ photos in one go.

Jetpac, said that people already depend on their friends for recommendations when they want to take trips, so why not use photos that your friends have posted on Facebook to help inspire their next trip?

“I’m passionate about travel and passionate about photography. It seemed like there was a great opportunity to bring those together,” Dukes said, who was the number 6 employee at Yahoo.

Facebook photo data is sometimes hard to capture because the location is implied in captions — unlike Instagram, for example, where users mark their photos specifically with a location.

“We analyse the signals of the unstructured data and do tons of analysis so we can surface the best travel photos. We tell you where your friends have been and what they did there,” Dukes said.

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