Derek Jeter Is On Pace For A Career High In Hits At Age 38, And Some Fans Are Starting To Whisper

derek jeter

Photo: AP

Derek Jeter had four hits in the Yankees loss last night, his fourth four-hit game of the season.He is now hitting .326, third in the American League, and he leads all of Major League Baseball with 167 hits.

And with 40 games remaining, Jeter is now on pace for 222 hits, which would eclipse his previous career high of 219.

All this at the age of 38!

Of course, in this day and age, any player that raises his game in the twilight of his career is going to draw suspicions that the feat wasn’t clean. But Jeter has often been cited as the one player that is least likely to ever be busted for Performance Enhancing Drugs.

Still, fans have been cheated before. And the whispers have already started, which is more the fault of players that did cheat, than the fans.

However, let’s just hope the whispers die down enough so that we can all concentrate on Jeter’s chase for 4,000 hits, something that is closer than most realise.

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