How A CEO Who Just Raised $80 Million Nails Work-Life Balance While Launching A Startup

Coney island polar bear plunge 2012REUTERS/Kena BetancurA bunch of people doing the Polar Bear Plunge.

To Marc Lore, founder of, keeping people happy is important, whether it’s his employees or his wife and daughters. His startup’s three core values are transparency, trust, and fairness.

Managing your family and launching a startup isn’t easy. Lore formerly sold his company Quidsi to Amazon for more than $US500 million and he just raised $US80 million to launch a new e-commerce site,

Business Insider met with Lore last week and asked how he balances everything. Part of it comes with practice. Lore is on his third startup, and his family is very supportive.

One work-life balance strategy Lore uses is consistency. Lore says he tries to be consistently there for his family, rather than doing bursts of being a good CEO then bursts of being a good dad. So, instead of working in the office late during busy weeks then spending a pile of time with his family, he opts to get home in time for dinner every night,  log offline, then log back on when his kids are heading to bed. Or he’ll pack his kids’ lunches every  morning — just a little something his family can rely on him for. Having that scheduled family time goes a long way and it helps manage expectations.

He also tries to do memorable things with his children during the time they have together. An example: over the weekend, Lore participated in a local polar bear plunge for a fundraiser with his daughters. A polar bear plunge is when you dive into a near- freezing body of water, like a lake or river, just to say you did it.

When we met with Lore, it was about 23 degrees outside. He wasn’t excited about taking the plunge, but he was excited to spend quality time with his family.

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