Take A Look Inside JetBlue's Gleaming New Office Space In Queens

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JetBlue recently moved to a gleaming new office in Long Island City, Queens, NY. At 200,000 square feet and with over 1,000 employees taking up 2 1/2 floors, it is a big space!Designed in the spirit of JetBlue’s Terminal Five at JFK, there is a definite airport feel around the workplace. But for an airport theme, it’s pretty first-class.

When you arrive at the JetBlue office, the first thing you notice is this huge logo outside the entrance.

Into the office and the first people we meet are Patricia Rosaschi and John Crews.

Got a flight to catch? Check live flight times for JetBlue planes right in the office. It goes well with the office's airport terminal theme.

Or just take a seat in the waiting area. The words on the wall are the company's core values.

Or hop on a nearby computer to check email.

If you really do have a flight, you can check-in right here in the office.

The office has 2 1/2 floors and a rooftop. So we started on the roof. Great view!

Back inside the office is gleaming.

Conference rooms are named after major JetBlue destinations. Floor 7 is West Coast cities, Floor 6 is East Coast, and Floor 5 is for International destinations.

They use an automated system to set up room bookings.

Floors are divided into sections and there are maps throughout. Which is helpful because the office is big.

The maps even indicate where you are.

The office features cubicles but lots of open space and natural light. Everyone Manager and below works in a cubicle, anyone Director and above works in an office (all offices are the same size). It is all about egalitarianism at JetBlue.

There are Biz centres for printing all around the office.

Clemente Montalvo has been working at the company for two years as a Repairs Coordinator (helping schedule and arrange repairs going to and from suppliers and other business partners).

He is the World's Greatest Dad, according to his 8-year-old son.

There are small, individual Chat Rooms around the office and they provide some privacy for users.

We got a little confused during the tour, but another map let us know where to go.

The SOC! Systems Operations centre. This is like central command for JetBlue's planes, and the crew here works around the clock to make sure JetBlue flights are moving smoothly.

They have a fish tank.

Our tour guide for this section of the visit was Systems Operations centre Manager on Duty Randall Ali. He has been with JetBlue for 10 years and knows everything there is to know about its operations.

But just in case he (or anyone else in the SOC) forgets what a piece of equipment on a plane looks like they have these diagrams for reference.

This area is the Air Traffic Controller of the SOC. These guys deal with the FAA at the airports, especially JFK and Boston. John Gallego (on right) explains that they do everything they can to make sure planes are able to land and take off on time.

In another section of the SOC are people handling Crew Scheduling and Issues. One of them is David Urena, who has been with JetBlue for 4 years. On his left screen he is updating a Crew Members schedule. The middle one is used to check the company's online automated request system. And the right one is for his email...and the occasional Internet distraction.

The SOC has a special Situation Room for a major incident or situation. It has plenty of seats so all the different teams can meet together.

Luckily the emergency planning team wasn't using that room. Instead they were in this conference room for a more routine meeting.

Here you can see the length of the SOC. By itself it is bigger than a lot of companies we visit.

Marie Regione has been with JetBlue for more than seven years.

This little guy is named Sebastian. A gift from a colleague.

Flight Dispatchers, like John Koveos, map the routes of flights and keep them updated based on the information they get from the FAA and airports.

To keep a team like that running you need a serious break room.

And some BIG refrigerators.

Of course, these monster-sized fridges were well-stocked.

This great sketch of Terminal Five (the JetBlue terminal at JFK) is repeated throughout the office.

This is the logo for National Airlines, now defunct. JetBlue used to be in Terminal Six and when it moved to Terminal Five, it found tons of National Airline signs. The company kept them as a reminder of the past.

Let's head down to the sixth floor.

We enter the Executive Office centre. This area is where the company's top leadership has their offices. The wall is covered in their Principles of Leadership. Unfortunately, everyone was down in Washington DC for a meeting.

But they still had some of their awards hanging around.

ANd plenty of Crew Members were working.

They feature comfortable couches and seating areas with TVs and game consoles.

But even the main office area is equipped for break out meetings. Office drawers can double as seats.

Olivia Pongnupakoon has been with JetBlue for six years on the Digital Advertising team.

She has gotten a lot of these cool things from her business contacts. Her favourite is the purple Insta Yodel in the front right.

Everyone is busy working.

So we head to the Board Room to see where the big meetings take place. Nice.

The whole place is filled with great little seating areas. And the maps come in handy!

On the bottom floor is another big dining area.

And another look at those wings.

Every employee got a Terminal Five sketch when JetBlue moved in to the new terminal. This one belongs to Devyn Caldwell (you can see him in the little mirror on the right).

Caldwell is a great photographer (check him out on Instagram @24gotham). He took this shot.

And gave it to his colleague Jennifer Rentas.

It's time to head out, but not without one last shot of a model aeroplane.

Then it is out the back door.

Want to see the place where we work?

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